G Howard-Spink


*Geoffrey Howard-Spink, aged 71, was one of the founders in 1981 of Lowe Group Limited, one of the UK’s biggest advertising groups. He is chairman of Immedia Broadcasting PLC and a director of Chrysalis Group plc. Mr Howard-Spink was appointed chairman of the Company with effect from 13 May 2009.

J L Duffield

Deputy chairman

John L Duffield, aged 76, is senior partner of Brompton Asset Management LLP. Mr Duffield was chairman of New Star Asset Management Group PLC between 2000
and April 2009. Prior to founding New Star, Mr Duffield was chief executive of Jupiter
International Group from 1985 to 2000.

M J Gregson

Chairman of the Company’s audit committee

*Marcus Gregson, aged 69, is deputy chairman of Sand Aire, a leading family office. Formerly he was chief executive of HSBC Private Bank (UK) for over 16 years. Mr Gregson was appointed chairman of the Company’s audit committee with effect from 2 September 2009.

* Members of the audit committee