New Star Investment Trust PLC

New Star Investment Trust PLC (the Company) was incorporated on 5 April 2000 with a company number of 3969011. It is an authorised investment trust listed on the London Stock Exchange and conducts its affairs so as to qualify as an investment trust under sections 1159 and 1160 of the Corporation Tax Act 2010. Its share price is listed in the Financial Times under “Investment Companies”.

Investment objective

The Company’s objective is to achieve long-term capital growth.

Investment policy

The Company’s investment policy is to allocate assets to global investment opportunities through investment in equity, bond, commodity, real estate, currency and other markets. The company’s assets may have significant weightings to any one asset class or market, including cash.

The Company invests in pooled investment vehicles, exchange-traded funds, futures, options and limited partnerships. The Company may also invest up to 15% of its net assets in direct investments in relevant markets.

Risk factors

The Company’s investment returns are influenced by general economic conditions in the UK and globally. Factors such as interest rates, exchange rates, inflation, investor sentiment and the availability and cost of credit could adversely affect the performance of both the Company and its underlying investments. Please refer to the Company’s latest financial report for more detailed discussion of the principal risks and uncertainties associated with it as well as the steps taken by the directors to mitigate them.

Contact details

Apex Fund Administration Services (UK) Limited,Hamilton Centre,Rodney Way,Chelmsford,Essex CM1 3BY
Telephone: 01245 398950
Fax: 01245 398952

New Star Investment Trust has no ongoing connection with the New Star group, which was acquired by Janus Henderson Investors. Enquiries relating to former New Star OEICs or unit trusts should be directed to Janus Henderson Investors, 201 Bishopsgate, London EC2M 3AE (telephone: 020 7818 1818; website: